LPG SYSTEMS, a public limited company with share capital of 2.124.950 €,
registered in the Register of Companies of Romans under number B 335 183 836

and whose registered office is located at :
30, rue Docteur Abel – Technoparc de la Plaine – CS 900 35

Phone : +33 (0)4 75 78 69 00
Fax : +33 (0) 4 75 42 80 85
E-Mail :
N°TVA Intracommunautaire : FR 50 33 51 83 836

Publication Director and Editor in Chief : Mme Gaele EUVRIE

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IPGarde – Tour de l’Horloge – 4, place Louis Armand 75 603 PARIS Cedex 12
Tel: +33 (0) 1 77 49 24 50


Please read the terms outlined below before using the website. Use of the site implies acceptance of these terms. Accordingly, by accessing the site, users browsing the site declare that they have read and agree to these terms of use without reservation and that they agree to comply with the rules defined herein under all circumstances.


1.1. The title, design, format, content (trademarks, text, color layout, illustrations, photographs, and pictures) of the website, its general architecture, and its layout, including any software, software compilation, source code, and generally any information and/or documents contained in the website, including any elements created for the website, are the property of either LPG SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to herein as “LPG”) and/or its affiliates and are protected under copyright.

1.2. The website is a creation protected in France by the French Intellectual Property Code (Code de la propriété intellectuelle) and internationally by treaties and conventions on Intellectual Property. Violation of the work’s copyright is an infringement punishable under Articles L.331-1 et seq of the French Intellectual Property Code, without prejudice to the penalties provided for violations of French law no. 78-17, as amended, dated January 6, 1978, on Data Processing, Data Files, and Individual Liberties (called “Loi Informatique et Libertés”). Unless indicated otherwise, the entire contents of the website – including its text, images, graphics, and/or audiovisual files – are protected by law and may not be sold, modified, distributed, reused, repositioned, exploited, represented, or used, in full or in part, in any manner, whether for public or commercial use, regardless of the medium, without the prior written consent of LPG.

If LPG expressly gives its prior consent, the authorized reproduction of the information contained in this site must indicate the source and properly identify its ownership.

1.3. LPG does not allow users to electronically copy or create a paper copy of the documents and/or material contained in the site, regardless of the intended use. No license or right, other than the right to view the site, is granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights.

1.4. The signs LPG SYSTEMS, LPG, ENDERMOLOGIE, ENDERMO, CELLU M6, MOBILIFT M6, HUBER, ERGOLIFT, LIPO M6, LIFT M6, KEYMODULE, ROLL’IN, ROLL’OUT, ROLL’UP, LIPOMASSAGE, ENDERMOLIFT and WELLBOX, are trademarks exploited and/or filed and/or filed registered in France and/or abroad by LPG and/or on which LPG holds rights.
Also, the company names, trade names, brands, domain names, logos, slogans, products, trademarks, and generally any distinctive sign included in the site may not be used without the prior written consent of LPG.

In addition, the range of CELLU M6, MOBILIFT M6, LIFT M6, LIPO M6, WELLBOX and HUBER devices are protected by authors’ rights and/or patents and/or designs and models.


2.1. This website is not intended to provide medical and/or paramedical advice. All of the information contained on the website is given purely for information only. LPG does not guarantee that the information available on its website is complete and up-to-date. This information, which does not claim to be exhaustive, cannot be used as advice of any nature whatsoever and cannot take the place of professional opinion.
This information may change at any time, without prior notice.

2.2. The information provided on this website relating to slimming, health, or lifestyle is general information given only as information. This information should not be considered to be exhaustive.
The information contained in the website is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnoses, or generally any consultation or prescription issued by a doctor.


3.1. Authorized links to the site: no one may create a link to this website without the express prior written consent of LPG. If consent is given, clicking the link should cause a new browser window to open for the user, separate from the original window.

3.2. Links provided by the site: LPG formally disclaims any responsibility for the content of websites to which it provides links, providing access to WebPages other than those within its websites. Such links are offered as a service to the website’s users. The decision to activate links belongs exclusively to the site’s users.
Under no condition may LPG be held liable for :
– Publications and the content of documents appearing on these other websites ;
– The use of trademarks, logos, and other distinctive signs, including pictures appearing on websites reproduced upon activation of the link ;
– The integrity and completeness of information provided by these other websites.
Users and visitors must refrain from unfairly collecting or diverting personal information or committing any other act that may infringe upon anyone’s privacy or consideration.


4.1. LPG does not guarantee the website’s availability and access time, and it cannot be held responsible for the timeliness, deletion, or failure to post or store information. The methods for performing maintenance, testing, and upgrades are freely chosen and performed by LPG, at any time, regardless of the procedures and resources employed for such purpose.

LPG makes its best effort to maintain access to the site. However, LPG may be required to temporarily or definitely interrupt access to the website, particularly for legal, technical, and maintenance reasons.

4.2. Neither LPG nor any of its affiliates, officers, employees, or other representatives may be held liable for damages, loss of data, direct or indirect material or immaterial damages, such as loss of market share, customers, data, revenue, or profits suffered by a site user in connection with using the site, and generally any business trouble whatsoever that may result from the inability to access the site for any duration of time or the use of incorrect information and/or content.


5.1. In accordance with the applicable regulations, the web surfer is informed that personal data such as his surname, given name, date of birth, postal address, email address, telephone number and banking data may be collected on the site; and the web surfer expressly authorizes LPG SYSTEMS, the processing manager, and its distributor in Hong Kong and Macao, GLORY KINGDOM INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED, both of which are the addressees of said data, to collect them.

The web surfer is informed that the essential processing characteristics are as follows :

  • Processing manager: LPG SYSTEMS
  • Purpose (s) : Processing of online orders placed on the site, customer management, and commercial prospecting
  • Legal basis (bases) for the processing : Conclusion and execution of online sale contract, and consent of the web surfer
  • Addressees : LPG SYSTEMS and its distributor in Hong-Kong and Macao, GLORY KINGDOM INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED
  • Duration of data retention :
    > Customer data are retained throughout the duration of the contractual relationships, plus three (3) years after the most recent order.
    > Data regarding prospects are retained for 3 years after the most recent contact with LPG SYSTEMS or GLORY KINGDOM INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED.
  • Banking data are retained for the time necessary to carry out the transaction; hence :
    > In the case of a single payment, the banking data are retained until extinguishment of the right of retraction
    > In the case of payment by instalments, the banking data are retained until full payment of the price of the order

The mandatory data are indicated at the time of the collection thereof. If they are not provided, the order will not be considered.
The web surfer’s personal data collected in the context of an online sale of LPG products on the site may be used for commercial purposes by LPG SYSTEMS and/or its distributor in Hong Kong and Macao, GLORY KINGDOM INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED, and/or their commercial partners for commercial solicitations, unless the web surfer specifies otherwise at the time of the collection of his data, or subsequently by electronic mail or by post sent to the address indicated in article 5.3.

5.2. To facilitate and monitor the web surfer’s navigation on this site, LPG may also automatically collect information via cookies for the purpose of improving the personalized service provided to the web surfer.

The web surfer may refuse the installation of cookies on his hard disk by setting his browser software accordingly (as described in the COOKIES rubric).

The web surfer is advised that, for technical reasons, he might not have access to certain services and/or certain web pages if he refuses the installation of cookies.

5.3. The web surfer is informed that he has the right to access, rectify or delete his data; the right to limit or oppose the processing of his data for legitimate reasons; the right to specify the general and particular directives that define the way in which he intends to have his rights exercised after his death; the right to transfer his data; the right to withdraw his consent at any time; and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

The web surfer may exercise his rights by email in the ‘ Contact ‘ rubric of the Site, or by post to the following address: LPG SYSTEMS – Department of Legal Affairs, 30 rue du Docteur Abel 26 902 Valence Cedex 09 France, or at the email address:

If processed data is erroneous or incomplete, the web surfer may request that it be corrected, completed or deleted by contacting the department at the address indicated hereinabove.

If the web surfer’s telephone data are collected — for example, in the context of a sale contract on the Site — the web surfer may request that his telephone number be registered on a do-not-call list in order to prevent any telephonic commercial prospecting.


6.1. This website and its terms of use are governed exclusively by French law, which is the only applicable law. These General Terms of Use are originally written in French. If they are translated into one or more other languages, only the French text would prevail in the event of a dispute.

6.2. Claims or disputes will be kindly accepted and given our highest level of attention. In the event of a dispute, the user may contact LPG SYSTEMS for an amicable solution by writing to the following address: LPG SYSTEMS – 30, rue Dr Abel – Technoparc de la Plaine – 26000 VALENCE (FRANCE).

Any dispute regarding this website and its terms of use will be brought exclusively before the competent courts with jurisdiction where LPG’s head office is located.


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What is a cookie ?

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